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Audiovisual and Event Design Partnership
We dream, explore, create and craft
    progressive experiences

About Us

What We Do


Apart from creating and managing signature events such as Beach House Carnival, we offer event design services to select clients who wish to create unique experiences for their guests.

Who We Are


We are an audiovisual and event design partnership that develops media solutions and hosts events. Our work seeks always to capture the essence of the Caribbean aesthetic. It’s who we are…


Curtis Popplewell: director/editor/designer and deejay has been creating entertainment experiences and working in media since his teenage years.

Walt Lovelace: director of photography/director/producer is one of the region’s top cinematographer/directors, becoming known especially for his technically accomplished and visually innovative work in music videos for groups such as 3 Canal and others.

​Paul Charles: communications specialist who has worked in radio, print and television; in advertising; and in the corporate sector. He has managed communications units in South America, London and the wider Caribbean.

​Wayne Small:  A graphic artist, promoter and deejay, who has been working in the entertainment industry for 20 years.


Kerry Gibbons: creative director / director / executive producer has worked in media and production management for over 25 years. He has been lead on productions both regionally and internationally.


How We Work


We have a diverse portfolio of work ranging from developmental documentaries and public/private sector advertorials to music videos, entertainment and fashion features. We’ve produced live broadcasts of Trinidad Carnival; the Tobago Jazz Festival; and Trinidad and Tobago’s 50th Anniversary of Independence special. We have also been responsible for the production of television commercials for campaigns in three general elections.

What We Believe


What drives us? A keen focus on the way people experience the things we create; a belief that well-crafted things have a powerful impact on the world; and a firm conviction that you should only do something the way you would want it done to you. If only we would all think this way!

Our media work is considered among the best in the region and our events have evolved into fixtures on the Caribbean entertainment calendar. We create video we would want to see and conceive events we’d want to attend.

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